Juliana Malden Cup 2019

Place: Malden (Gelderland, near Nijmegen)    
Land: the netherlands
Date: 25the and 26the may 2019

The Juliana Malden Cup is played in Malden, Gelderland and will be hosted for the fourth time. Juliana Malden offers 5 grass pitches, 2 artificial pitches to be used over days. Games will be played during the UK Bank Holidays, May 25th and 26th of May 2019. Group games will be played on Saterday the 25th, and the playoff and final games on Sunday the 26th.

On Saterday as well as Sunday you will play half a day, either in the morning or afternoon, which gives you the opportunity to plan other activities.

We also offer the opportunity to stay in a youth hostel, hotels and Centre Parcs, which has to be booked for a minimum of 3 nights. This hostel is located about 35 kilometers from Malden.

If you wish to be provided with alternative locations to sleep, please contact TVG Sports at info@tvgsports.nl 

Website: http://www.julianamaldencup.com

Tiny van Gemert and Juliana '31 Malden

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Tiny van Gemert